Shocking Grapling Hook - myth food?


Is this damn item useful in some way? I won’t be useful in current build but… Is anybody using it?


I have it but I can’t get myself to fuse it away because it’s rare


I fused ton of rare items so it’s not problem for me (4x Archimonde, 2x mortal bullet etc fused)
I just want to know is this useful in any kind of build


No, It uses energy when most people use grappling hook and charges to get closer to energy mechs so it’s useless


Ok thanks. I thought the same but it is better to ask.
So today will make another myth ^^


Lightest hook with high damage , its not myth food.


Its a low weight grappling hook, so I would keep it


Use it if you are not worried about being energy broken.


11 of weight! Excellent!!

but I don´t see much use in your build … except that want to avoid some weapon of your adversary

for you, I see more useful the charge