SM Players/Staff picture topic


This is the SM version of the original thread (BD Players/Staff picture topic)

The point of this thread is to introduce yourself to get to know each other better, so feel free to post a picture of yourself, please no inappropriate pictures.

I’ll start off with my picture

I’m ugly


I agr- I mean, me too :sweat_smile:


post a pic with your hot gf


hi friends yes this is my photo:


No, that’s the SM servers.


i love that toilets :relaxed:


i think we should rename this to the SM players picture thread. there is literally no way any of the TS team will show themselves. it was possible with the BD admins because they got along with players very well and there was no conflict


Me with a shitty snapchat filter with @Malicewolf in the background (i have a blankie that has a huge wolf face on it)


my pal says this is the best photo of me but i don’t like the lighting much


mmmmmm he is sub zero :smile_cat:


Hi, the one in the photo is me


Here some help from the old forum:


It’s been 7 days, time to post again! :blush:

Well isn’t my cancerous face just lovely to look at…

new crap

(intentionally blurred and crap-ified)