Someone just left the game


Yee :smiley: I only lose 4 months to reach… rank 5… :3


What do you mean?


Actually, watching ads is technically being p2w too ya know.


Well your not really ‘paying money’ tho.
TS just MAKES money from it (I think) but you don’t PAY them.


If can I will watch ads for have more 50% gold :))
But I can’t ;.;


My brother got hacked and needs a new acc. I tried the username and password, and they are the wrong username/password… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


PS. I tried because he isn’t a “forumer”. doesn’t have a way to sign up.


tell him to not give his account to strangers on internet


xD! See how many times you mentioned Lyll and bounced me in 1 only message! Are you really obsessed with Lyll, what did we do to you or what hidden frustration about our clan? As about me, you can count with 1 hand as many times as I mention to you. I don´t even read all your posts.

The opinion that I have of you is not really bad, I consider you a person with opinions that can be taken into account in certain occasions, but don´t be offended, sometimes it gives the impression that you had a double personality. There are times you do or say nonsense, like obsessing with a clan or someone special.

I get the impression that, when you speak in your name or express your opinion for yourself, you show reasonable and consistent. But when you seek to ally yourself with others, you speak for a group or for who you consider your friends, you attack other groups and people and end up saying nonsense. You are not bad, your problem is that you let yourself be influenced too much by people that you don´t trust completely at inside of you, and that creates confusion when you express yourself.


He simple love :sparkling_heart: that Llyl reached the 4th place at Clan ranking :exclamation:


(no need to write a novel about a person)


the subject was a post you made, its kinda hard not to mention someone when discussing their post and a similarly trivial and arduous task to discuss the HTK vs LLYL dynamic on the forum without mentioning either of said clans.

and by the way my dear, a quick English lesson.

the “your” comes after Littlelost’s name not wedged in between it.


I also never get this name “Littlelost your lost”, doen’t matter how much I read it, it never made sense to me :exclamation:

And nowadays, when they reach often 4th Clan place, I would suggest to shorten it to “Mlyw” :exclamation:




I think it was supposed to be littlelost you’re lost or littlelost your loss like “its your loss against littlelost” kinda thing. first one seems most likely. I still miss being one of two founding members of “boobsqueeze” sometimes. it was a simpler time.


Knowing that the founder Littlelost (Danny2014) wasn’t the best with english (as myself), I think he ment it this way …

If we have little losses = you are lost, but hard to put this into a Clan name, which works :exclamation:


Looking at you 2 trying to take a stab at thr name of my clan is facking priceless.
The old guys of the clan know how it came to be, and why it is like that.
For you 2 chumps… ask around maybe you will find out… if not, well keep on wondering.


>implying we actually give a damn and werent making idle conversation
>implying anyone gives a damn about the oh so mysterious origins of some old Romanian’s typo
>using this as some kind of gotcha moment

you’re losing your edge, as evident by your need to bookend all your posts with LMAOs to try and convince yourself and others of the hilarity of you utterly banal observations. maybe you really should retire instead of pretending to for a free plat plate, metre. you’re almost as senile as wep lately.


Not to mention the “new” account metalface2 with all best items coming out of nowhere :exclamation:

Hey @misfit let @El_Metre try to protect them, it shows that his hate towards HardToKill is higher, than his self so often claimed “sense of justice” and “fight against cheaters” :exclamation:

So he put himself into the right light :exclamation:



Sorry! If your intention has been to inject cyanide, you are pricking in the wrong artery.

When the team to which you belong, reaches the record of 81 gold medals that Littlelost your lost has, we may be able to sit down to dialogue as equals (maybe in 2 years …)


so what we going to talk about because now i can see after the 50 comment we change the subject


this is a forum, threads dont change subjects each subject gets a thread.