Spartan Carnage upgraded to Myth

Make this weapon USEFUL in some way . I think it’s the only legendary weapon that cannot be upgraded. Physical are getting weaker, we need something new
Idk, we may have this stats:

Mythical stats:

-15 or -20 resist drain
203 - 380 damage
31 energy and heat cost ( or no cost, it may help against energy mech)
3 - 7 range…why more range, cuz may help against pushback weapons like a combo supreme cannon/abomination)


No energy and heat cost

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I don’t have that weapon, but i think i dont want it either.
What kind of legendary it is only Legendary.

that’s why I’m asking a big changes to this weapon

I suspect this weapon is bugged, and that it actually has a Mythical version, just inaccessible.

Someone once told me they saw something similar to this weapon on the PvP waiting screen, but it appeared different.

Take a look at this… @Sarah247 @Mohadib


Than what is this this one? :fearful:

It is little longer than legendary ones, it is only for mythical? But it is impossible to get mythical in the new update since 8/20


I see a lucky man who has perhaps his mythical version

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but maybe they give hope that I can get mythical if I am very crazy but if that weapon is the same as its legendary version maybe if you can get it look at it and a world of a thousand possibilities would not surprise me

0.01% to get mythical from a itern box.

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thanks for taking away the hopes my friend

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maybe this weapon is not called “spartan carnage”, it has another name ( I don’t know ), and it is only for mythicals, it is the hardest weapon to get in supermechs.

maybe perl do not take hope xD

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Don’t be silly, where did you hear this nonsense about a 0.01% chance for Mythical?

the only way to know if and if mythical possibility is with @Sarah247 that speaks to us xD

U want an Annihilation with more range? lol
and i hope they improve a little the stats of Nightmare like Windigo or Brutality xDDDD without adding more weight xDDDD

if they add more weight to the wendigo I kill someone because it is already heavy XD

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The torso that needs stats improved is Archimonde, that thing is Legendary-Myth but it’s complete garbage. Even Interceptor is debatably better (if you have myth HP plates).


What do you mean? i’m not saying that they should add more weight to any torso… and it was sarcasm…

At that time, I only said it because I would say that everyone would be upset if they put the weight on him.

do not forget this topic!! This weapon should be upgradable to myth