Sprite discord!


Hey Guys,

Myself, @Zarkares and @Xzyckon have set up a discord for sprite making. Feel free to join if your interested in learning how to make sprites, make sprites and want to discuss them or just feel like being nosy!

Fan art question

Well I do not understand the discord xD


Discord is a bit like Skype in that you can message users and call others however a server can have multiple channels and therefore different discussions going on at once :slight_smile:


I’m looking for the way to talk I could only talk to @Xzyckon


It’s actually better than Skype because it doesn’t crash everytime someone inevitably spams you.


Esa página me confundió, no sé cómo funciona mejor. No toco nada porque parece que lo llamaría alguien. xD


There’s a thing called private messaging. You click on the user, click on the three dot icon (top right), then click message. Or you could PM him in the forums.


Bringing back topic…


um the link doesn’t work for me


New link


Hey, @Elcent is it okay if I need someone to make me a sprite? I didn’t have a passion for spriting, but I want a sprite for something I have so badly


Maybe put a drawing of it on the SuperMechs Sandbox thread ans ask for someone to animate it (make it legit) or make another thread on the Fanart rubric and give details for it (if you don’t have a hand drawing of what you want to see).
I tried myself to make some sprites off drawings of others (1 just as drawn,1 heavily modified that it looked nothing like the original but it was a beast) and if I see something with potential,I might get to it (after a couple days as I’m already onto something).
Or…Any other sprite artist.


Can you put in another invite?


There is a newer one in supermechs sandbox