Super Mechs Christmas! 🎉


I just saw this on Facebook:

So I see, the celebration has started! There is sales, for sure, and as you all wanted, you get a free premium box! Merry Xmas buddies! :wink:


What is that white mech doing? Snowangel?


Probably tripped and can’t get back up.


I spent 2k tokens - get 8 legendare-nothing good-(:


3 box park and 2 premium = 3 legendary that’s all


Yay in my Christmas present I got another one of these, I love to have another one I really do. Please keep giving me the same 5 or so cards over and over next year too its great - I don’t need any of the many items in game that I haven’t already got at all oh no don’t worry - and it really encourages me to spend my money to get the same stuff over and over, thanks and merry christmas from Tiny Tim.


Wait what ? I gotexactly the same thing xD


lots of people will get this one :slight_smile:


Oh look another one I got just now I’m too lucky


I got 2 premium packs with 2 legendary items (both legendary-myth)
-Dustmaker drone
-Rolling beasts


me 3 Premium packs and 2 premium box, i got 3 legendaries 1 no legendary mythical and 2 legendary mhithycal but they really suck Big daddy and purifier


I bought a premium pack and got useless epic items…no legendries


Wow 2 entire rapid destruction top weapons. Lemme reply using the dev’s words


With my current token amount i could buy 168 premium packs. With the current legendary drop rate, i would probably get 3-4 legendary items. I dont think its worth it.

Correction: since it would be 840 items total, it would be closer to ~8 items (i got my math wrong for the initial post with the 168 packs. It would be closer to 1-2 legendaries if it were 168 items, which i thought it was at first


In level 150 you’d get a legendary in each 5 epic kind of box like Flux. The higher your level the higher the chance to get a legendary in a box.
It doesn’t really makes sense… should be the other way around. New players should get legendaries a bit easier in the lower levels and the higher level players should have less chance. but beacuse of the level reset stuff they couldnt even do that now
Or it just should be the same in every level.


Tho where’s the Free Premium box tho?


Assuming Legendary chances are equal for all levels (and from personal experience… they are NOT) …

The chances of a Legendary per card seems to be about 15%-20%.


On my new account it was possibly around 5%. I opened more than 20 packs and got 4 legendaries

On my main account its about 8-10% somewhere


I don’t think there is a difference in drop rates depending on player level.
That would need some labor to programm without any direct payout for TacticSoft.

If there was to be different drop rates then it would certainly depend on real money investment of a player.
For example:
A player buys that offer of 795 tokens for 10 bucks that sometimes appears and then purchases 3 discounted premium packs for 3 * 234 = 702 tokens.
If he gets a high legendary drop rate from the packs then he would have the feeling of success and would be more willing to spend money on the game again.

So increasing the drop rate of legenday items depending on how much real money a player has invested into the game (and therefore into TacticSoft’s pockets) would have a direct influence on the future investments of that player and therefore on TacticSoft’s earnings from that player.

Hence if they would go to the trouble of different drop rates for legendaries then they certainly would go for rates depending on the investments from players.


Yet it is pretty obvious that the higher your level, the higher the chance you will get a legendary.