Supermechs Fun Facts! (or just facts)


This is the place to write or show any little fun facts or eggs about Supermechs! Let me start you off…

  • Did you know 4 Greys/Commons are approximately = 1 Blue/Rare?
    4 Commons approximately = 1 Rare
    2 Rare approximately = 1 Epic
    2 Epics approximately = 1 Legendary
    (No mythical sorry, If anyone would like to fill that in)

  • Did you know you can find traces of either Legacy or In Game weaponry within pictures of the game? Like Campaign background…

  • Did you know that the arena length is give or take 100m long?

  • Did you know you are able to get free Tokens in the token shop? (you can try it out if you want by clicking More Options… It doesn’t seem to work for me though)

  • There is also a Lounge hidden in the Forums seen by only Level 3’s +. (I don’t know if this is a secret or can be public knowledge so anyone Level 3+ tell me to delete it and I will.)

  • And I have a question for thee… Does anyone know the max amount of Gold one can have?

Add your own Fun Facts down below!


No, the you know what can not be revealed to the meer plebians!!


Would you like me to hide “it”?


well i don’t have that jurisdiction, so i can’t really say what to do about it


But yes, this (the you know what) is very sensitive information


Did you know you wasted so many hours of your life ?


shhhhh yes but that means we’re better than them


By playing the game?


How many rank 25 do you need to beat @bestplayerintheworld o @Ricemech88?


Yes. . .

Also Did you know T# doesn’t give a #hit about their players and only have eyes on our wallet?


When its time that rank 25 can search for rank 1.


That’s not too far away, just need a couple more rank 5+ players to quit…


Fact#3: Did you know @Fluxeon was not a real bunny?


Yea I knw (20 charaaxjd)


Im sure there are some who didn’t, or maybe I was the only one


I have never known of any limit in the amount of gold. I think there is not.


did you know, that in the fight scene it is still in the info that you can use heat - cooling and hp modules?..
(if you hoover over your energy, heat and life bar)

ts are not very thorough with changes…not to mention the GUIDE…


Are you referring as in damage or efficiency?
Please be more specific…
Because if you’re referring in quantity:myth-5leg,leg=4epic,epic=3rares,rare=2common,common=common :slight_smile:
You could say the power of a legendary item approximates 2 of that of an epic’s…It’s a cleared misunderstanding like this.

And some random generations at the arena’s waiting room…But yeah,they reuse old thumbnails to make those backgrounds…Pretty useless making bg’s with items that you can no longer obtain tbh

It’s called Top Ranks Chat.Is says 3+ but it’s actually 5+ and it’s no different than the global chat…Just made out of more experienced players (no new guys there)

From what I know,one doesn’t have a limit yet.Tho I saw people having over 4 million gold.


About the equations of item rarity:
I think he means the experience points those items provide when using them as material to increase another equipment’s level.
Like you need 4 common items to get the same exp as from 1 rare item.


He is talking about something you are not aware about yet :slight_smile:

No one talks about