Tankwars Battlefront : Ice Mountain Outposts (PVP)

Increases + 1 cloak to all servo and feet users
You can’t build factories on this map to make new units, and your units and factories must be approved of in suggestions & aproval. for every game.

Build a fortress on here and declare +1 to max +∞ distance apart your location and a target’s location, meaning they must first pass or destroy that enemy before you declare distance or by flag point.
(editing, on beta)
Here’s a shortcut link.

25 moves/actions or idles/scavenging to make 1 roundoff.
On this map, building rate is 25 statpoints per round-off (daily).
You can even snipe on this map and avoid conflict, but your position is + a declared position.
Spawn point is the same declared position, so do attempt to move to an position, depending on speed your progress makes it to your set destination.

The max spawn per user is 3 units or characters, they’ll respawn as soon as they’re destroyed adding to your kills on the kills charts, or deaths.

Nothing can go over 300 statpoints in this non-op match.

Nothing unproved can be used here so go to the aproval section in the shortcut link section.
Try to become king of the hill on this map.
You can also use the basic tanks in the contribution section of shortcut link.