Team SUPERMECHS - We need information about a new version

Hello everyone

As mentioned, a new version of this game will soon be launched, but it has not been clearly explained what the changes are or what they are, and if they affect the current accounts, if they affect them, they should explain how they will look As the access to the BETA version was limited, the SUPERMECHS team should draw a list of the changes, explaining in detail each of the aspects.

1.- I have heard that now the inventory will be limited (that we must do the ones that we have an extensive inventory)

2.- The SUPERMECHS team should explain the changes in question, if it is possible to make some videos in which they can explain to the community, about the changes that were made, in order to predict any situation, and That it is said that “the inventory will be lost, as well as its improvements”, so in order not to fall disinformation, I think they should make one or several posts with videos and explanation. Of the new BETA version.

I await your prompt response …

Greetings team SUPERMECHS


This topic already answered some of your concerns

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That is some not all.

Should answer 1st question

As for the 2nd. I don’t know many games that give every patch note update before the patch even comes out. That topic is already pretty much a “pre-update patch notification”… And to top it off, he’s answering questions if you have any.

And to me (personally), I would hate to hear every detail of the changes (especially before they come out). I mean, you’re finally getting new things… I recall seeing a post just a bit ago saying “I’m bored of the game”. Now that new stuff is coming, you want everything to be told to you before it even comes out? I’d rather learn by doing personally. More fun to figure things out. But then again, I’m one of those people who likes to play through a game by myself instead of looking up the guide online right away… sooo perhaps just different mindset.

But anywho, feel free to ask away on the other topic. I’ll probably try to compile all the questions and answers mohadib provides into 1 post to help folks so they don’t have to ask a million times or try to read through the many posts.

Medals won by Clans and Medals and stars obtained in individual tournaments will be lost, or will each player keep his medals?


There is no change to anything beyond the changes we have announced.