The 7 legend for my next mythical


Well, I’ve been doing legend but I think it’s going to be too much for me and I’m going to present my new mythic on the 20th


keep the sparked runners.
You dont come across those everyday


Why r U fusing the heat engine! It’s soo tough to get


I do not mind almost spending on a heat module I have many


I will remove it and better change it for a drone or 2 I realized that it is something unique so I will put something else


YES the heat engines are difficult to get so save it for future use.
TS throws Energy Engines at us like crazy, I got a dozen of those dam things but only 1 Heat Engine :rage:

I guess they want us to all have ELE bots which I personally hate…


you only need a heat generator for a mech and if you get power generators from the heat generators but well this is this game I do not worry that this heat module does not have it because then I get those generators is not something so It’s hard a little good but it does not bother me to eliminate only 1 I’ll still take it into account because I do not like the nemo drone I like the drone clash so maybe I’ll change it :wink:


Oh look! 100,000 of money would be a shame that that generator of heat and cooling disappeared no? mmm … maybe tomorrow you know that maybe my nemo drone is gone or maybe that generator I think nobody will know that it disappeared in that evolution :smiley:


You need more than 2 heat engines for later use , when you build your second mech


Very few people know because I have only one heat generator and I cooler nothing else as base modules for my mech @Wepwawet @Well


this is what my mech has with this is enough only I need to be in legendary energy engines


Eerm… they won’t fucking piss off for me…


Thank you for replying to me after 7 months…


You’re welcome… :grin::grin: