The BlackMan player uses a hack or a bug in PVP


This made me the day with this post !!!

You’re trying to say that the talent, the ability, the analysis that makes about who are playing, and who will be the probable battle, makes the hacker ?, since when the talent is considered a hack, lol I can not believe that someone make a post without any sense of logic, in addition to tell hacker you must first prove that it is, and what you are showing is just a huge sample of talent! “Asiatic had to be” maybe he has a system and game strategy maybe solved the matrix of random fight, in short that’s not a hack, that’s talent!

a question the “hack” makes that your press the button to go to battle?

It is a mind control hack where you press the button to go to battle with the mech he wants you to go.

You really made me the day with this publication

and they can be calm because, “of intelligence they are not going to die”

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He is just a silly tryhard who has a list of players to check their online statuses. He sends battle invites to players and changes his loadout based on who is online.

No hack, just tryhard.


It’s an interesting theory but I don’t see enough evidence to label this player a hacker.
It sounds to me like he knows the top player and invited them to play.
Ofcourse, if you find out any more information send it my way.


That’s pretty funny …

  • it is called strategy and being clever

But yes, I can undertstand the frustration :exclamation:



This is really pointless topic, it rose from the frustration of one player - BUT it demands some attention and comments…

So… what became strategy today (thx to skewed system introduced with SM Reloaded and OP items in place - meaning primaryl mythical HP plates…) is that you cannot have 1 type mech and prepared for all kind of opponents without myth hp plates – but you can at some point gamble whom you may face out of chat or active player list - but as Wepwawet stated, that does not mean anything… you only see fragment of active players

On the other hand - you prepared for physical battle forcing 81 resistance, and Blackman usually plays with 600+ energy - yet you two share 2 x valiant snipers… what do you expect ?

If you are not around… some strong heat build - well he will put maybe heat resistance module… and so on

In the end you just nailed down your reputation - if any…

Should i mention how many times I got private battle invitations in 3v3 from algerianno… first time I accepted - beat him 3x times in a row… then for god sake I couldn’t find him for battle in next 2-3 weeks where he progressed to counter me … he beat me, I beat him… he is sending private invite again… you see where this is going ? But I won’t say either of us is frustrated by losses - just current state of the game introduced many deviations…



In 3x3 it´s quite easy to know who will be your opponent if you ask for a battle … in 1x1 there are more players, so you need to be more observant. And there is always the human component that is unpredictable. But with experience and with time, you learn to look at the crystal ball.

The Algerian thing is true, he also invited me. It may be to see what you have and if he can win you. It would not be the first nor the last one to do it. But it is also true that people play little pvp, and at least one friendly takes you out of boredom.


He does that to know if you are online or offline.
Its the most trusted method.




Thank you for submitting your concern, but please do not post here on the forums with it as we do not allow for witch hunts on individual players on these forums. In the future, please email tacticsoft directly.


Well I am going to collect more statistics and send it to you in the mail


That’s not a problem. You can reach the SM team via


I monitor it every fight, it’s the player somehow knows against whom he will play and change their modules under the enemy.

Battle list:

To watch at least the last 6 to fight these battles not private!!! The last battle was against me and it was not a private fight, and the system offered me to play him!

For all 6 fights he guessed 100%, who will be his opponent!!!

Combat 3

Combat 4

Combat 5

Combat 6

Combat 7

Combat 8

Fix this bug!!!



It is called playing clever, changing his moduls before fighting.

Funny how you call him cheating or abusing something.

You dont like to lose ?

Start learning to deal with it.

For me it seems like you talked to much with wepawet, who see in everything and anywhere a cheat, when she lose.

ridiculous :exclamation:


Оpen your eyes and analyze his battle, and for comparison analyze battle the other top 10 players!!! Obviously he is using a bug or cheat!


Nonsense :grey_exclamation:


Why are you defending cheaters? You yourself use it?
The developers to correct this bug.


You’re a joke :grey_exclamation: