The result is 10 tokens cost as concequenses for using the quit feature during a match after accetping the public fighting terms

If you’re interested in our public matches, then you’ve accepted the public fighting terms which means there will be a fight and if there aren’t any fights because of you using the quit feature, then there should be consequences.

The paranoia of players losing should be greatly reduced also because of long matches in result of there being a user using the overheat feature.

The players are leaving the match after accepting the public fight terms should then result consequences for them leaving any public match.

The player that left is identified as a troll if he’s/she’s accepted terms that has never completed and there should be improvements for this issue.

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Connection Lost is treated as quit , what will you say then

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The public consequence of forfeiture equates to disassociation of privileges = net worth gain, i.e. reared from participating in the public arena; therefore, terms must be adhered to and/or mitigated by public assimilation and/or assassination following the parameters as defined by the rule of law in said public participant’s country pending completion.

To take away coins or tokens is just a massive no for me. They are things the player has got through playing hard at the game and just because they leave a game early doesn’t mean they need to be penalised so harshly.

Perhaps if you quit a game early you should have a 2 minute delay time before you can try again?

Or take it in the other direction and give achievements for not quitting 100, 1000 and 10000 games in a row. These could also unlock special colours that you can show off.


this is a nice idea that i aprove as a veteran


If it were to take 5000 COINS from the oponent that quit , id really like that.

This sounds cool actually, make a suggestion for this.

Could also perhaps matchmake people who quit a lot with each other - usually people who quit arent very good at the game anyway. Might be a fun additional factor to matchmaking.

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Agreed . BUT , the reward must be very high.

Like , 1 star achievemnt - 3 premium boxes

2 star - 5 or 10 premium boxes

3 star - 25 premium boxes

Imagine this sitaution . You have a 99 win streak (no quits) then in the middle of the 100th battle (achievemnt no quiting) your internet dies or game crashes , the streak will be reset.

Also it would be nice if it like added 1 to the streak of not quiting EVEN if you lost. y know always good

If that was a threat, then you can leave before them.
But wait, that costs 10 tokens…

Then you gets the gold/tokens and your opponent doesn’t.

Nice ideas, in theory it could work if the game were entirely bug free. Unfortunately over the last few months I’ve lost count of the number of times we had issues with bugs such as the “refresh”, “please wait”, “reconnecting” and “timer” bugs which all forced you to quit or refresh your browser. For that reason, I’d prefer if rather than penalising the person who quits, the game would give the remains player a reward as usual.

The killing streak lost is none of the developer’s concern

There’ll be a “killing streak” in my neighborhood if the devs don’t fix this soon.

IDK why all of you just keep posting some sort of “solutions” against quitting. Why do we even bother with this topic? Well, because Tacticsoft decided that if your opponen quits, YOU GET PUNISHED, because… I HAVE NO UFCKING IDEA WHY!!! Case study: yesterday I logged in to clear my daily missions. I selected all my 3 mechs for a nice spin to get my 50 k gold (2 wins 3v3 are worth 50 k with the bonus). And what happened? I got matched up with the player named V.E.N.D.E.T.T.A (yes, man, you need to be crucified for your deeds!) and this faggot quit on me twice. Income: 0 gold. VENDETTA, you owe me 50 k gold. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM. So instead of springing up with some crazy ideas it is enough for the Tacticsoft to implement a single change that is as straight as the Lucipher’s dick - grant the winning credits to the winner no matter what. If I win, I get paid. If my opponent quits, I win, which means… I get paid. Isn’t it simple?


Or make it more simple and just remove the QUIT button lol

*reloads webpage*

Where were you when they implemented the major patch?

They removed everything I worked hard for and paid for. And they divided my currency by 10. That’s quite harsh also.

The gave you boxes and an exchange rate for your coins… You accepted the boxes probably.

I took the coins but they were an exchange for the coins too. What you had divided by ten!

And nothing was given for the fully fused mechs or the obsolete mythicals - including ones obtained in the days leading up to the patch.

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That over there is a constructive feedback.
The fact that there was no compensation for all the power that was lost in the fully fuse legacy mythicals.
Look at it from what angle you want to, but there were hard earned money flushed away.
It cost a staggering 4800 tokens to fully fuse an item back then, and all that was stolen from us.

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