Tournament Awards Glitched (not received)

Anybody else not get their Tournament rewards yet?

On 2 separate browsers, It froze after the coins (Once I clicked on the tournament 'Season Results" box)

refreshed / no reward in inventory. - via and


Then Frozen Screen

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Mine did this too and I did not get my reward from it.

Ecactly the same happened to me

LOL I guess it’s no longer just doing this error to we who have full unclaimed box area.
I’ve had this very error the past several arena boxes, the coins almost finish going to bank then BLAM frozen screen.

Anyone with full inventory slots will not get anything.

If your slots were not full, items should have snuck into your inventory.

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That’s the problem and what happened to me, just got my gold.

Me too. I lost my epics pack

You’ll have to get used to not getting boxes until you wipe inventory or have TS delete all your inventory.

Out of the several thousand items I had in inventory I’m finally down to 1700 so still got a ways to go plus a full unclaimed box area of 890 boxes. I’ll get there some day, maybe.

Pisses me off to see all the good Arena+Fortune boxes disappear everyday.

Same thing happened to me…screen froze during token awards…no item bxes…no nothing!
(major glitch there)

My inventory has plenty of open slots, so that’s not a reason with me.

Did you check your inventory? There should be new items in there.


no new items either
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OMFG what the heck! I just check my workshop after the glitch and look what I got

It is NOT an Inventory Issue for me. - As This has occured on 2 seperate accounts

And i have over 50 inventory slots available on both -

Also it didnt get deposited in either inventory after the fact as some have stated here .
I Logged on this morning and there are no Items in my inventory listed as “New” either.