Void vs Hurlbat

I just recently got a Hurlbat, and by the looks of things, it can do more damage than a Void. The only downside is that it doesn’t drain resistance, however it does drain a lot of max heat/energy. Should I replace the Void, or keep it?

Keep Void. Void is the best physical drone.

  • Void
  • Hurlbat

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I’m pretty sure void will win

Dustmaker do most damage but it has no drain
why physical drone decrease max heat/energy/cooling/regan?

because phys drones stay in “middle” between another damage types and their
analogues have aditional options,but if devs staying in orginal concept where phys make soo HUGE damage,
we would have seen a high damage drones.

Hehe, imagine they add an physical version of the face shocker.

I would call it a punch in your face

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how about physical death punch that will do 500 dmg?
4 of those equipped on your mech
500x4=2000 dmg+ drone=R.I.P.

HURLBAT ------------- (28), 135-196 PysDmg, -6MaxHeat, -6MaxEn (16/16 Cost)
VOID -------------------- (29), 143-187 PysDmg, -5PysRes, (16/16 Cost)

Yeah,it would do an average of 0.5 damage more than Void :slight_smile:
Brother,Void drains resistance and will do a lot more damage over time.
Void is the best physical drone atm.
Even better than dustmaker due to more stable RNG and resistance drain.

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Your decision?


Sorry, Spaddel got Dustmaker recently and was thinking about the same question: Which physical drone to update? So I just tagged him here… :wink:

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If u are physician go for Void, otherwise go for void. :smiley:
Unless u are hybrid.

Void does more dmg over time and help other phys weapons, while hurlebat could give a slight edge in SOME hybrid builts, its use is somewhat limited. Although 1 weight can make all the difference.
Hope I helped. :wink:


I actually prefer Dustmaker - since I play 3v3 with all three mech types, that does even make sense for me :smiley: