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No, please fight here so I can watch.


pfft, anarchist


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you may not be aware of this but I also used to run an sm channel a couple years ago so I’m well aware of how much (or little) effort goes into them. I didnt make many videos and most were more on the comedy side but I did make a couple of videos which took WEEKS to make due to the sheer effort involved. take a peep at these:

and I have to say, I was a little dissapointed at the lack of effort and ingenuity from all the contestants. however, I do recognise that Mordulec atleast had an “idea”. something unique and original, however I felt the concept did not fulfil its full potential and ended rather abruptly so I did not vote for him. in the end I voted Clark based purely on the entertainment value of the video which was lacking in many of the others.

how much effort does it usually require for you to write a description and some comments? that should be nothing compared to making the actual video and if it isn’t for you then you demonstrate my point, dear contestant.

In the end, it was perhaps wrong of me to single you out as lacking in effor or inspiration, but I did so only because yours stood a chance of winning still while other entries I personally found as effortless were floating at a couple votes or none.

you also have to remember, this is a contest of supermechs videography. its how much effort you put into making the video entertaining and engaging not necessarily about how you had to get a bunch of fuse food to max a windago while battle based videos only had to fight battles. in terms of videography and cinematic spark I found your video lacking.

happy to clear that up for you.


Aaaaaaa have somebody at least watched my video? And how @Dwightx are you talking about hours of montage? What the hell is wrong with you. I can do such a montage in less than 30 minutes so stop spreading out shit everywhere. But I agree with you about Alexander video. It is even worse. Its 10 minutes of work as you said.

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It’s not that easy :sweat_smile:

1 Play trying to win, making the least amount of mistakes.

2 Go to replays, adjust screen size to the maximum to gain quality.

3 Record dozens of fights, of which only the best moves will be selected.

4 Choose a suitable musical theme and edit it very well, to avoid penalties for copyright.
I’m lucky enough to be and DJ musician, as to manage editing and not be so bad by moving away from the original version.

I am not very of the introductions, my subscribers want to go straight to the action. If I give them an introduction of several seconds, I lose them :sweat:

According to the regulation I have fulfilled the requirements :confused:

Greetings to all, and happy year :wink:

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I like your video @alex2040r at least it has some action instead of repeating the same "Supermechs maxing out bla bla bla " Sh!th like some ppl here

@Dwightx why do I see u the only person anti campaigning here,desperate to win?


#TrojanArmy is here! Thanks for participating everyone but we are taking over this!


Lmao another nonsense alt account.


The truth is that I didn´t like the videos very much. They lack originality.

I voted Mordulec, because I thought he was the only one who put something different…


they would have to do a reboot the same as always “fighting in arena mode improving fan art weapons” …

well i mean it’s hard to make an interesting video about a turn based game

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Its hard if you dont have an imagination. And tbh it also depends on the SM team. They have proven that their combined IQ is double digit, so i can kinda imagine them watching some good videos but throwing them aside because they themselves dont have a sense of humor ir imagination.

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:neutral_face::point_down:It’s easy to talk without investigating, right?

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Well is well, best clan spanish XD!

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voting has now closed.
We are now going over all the vote and will give the results tomorrow.
Votes that are suspicious will not be counted.
Thanks, everyone!

looks like my horse won, shame we werent betting.

Well, if you consider 6 votes from accounts created one week ago (at most, most of them like 3-4 days ago), then yes. But I was not that openly indecent… I did not vote for myself via my alter-accounts…

Aprenda a perder, no sea nob XD!

Winners are as follows:
1st place: Mordulec -
2nd place: Alexander -
3rd place: dwightx -
You can expect your rewards within 24 hours.

The team when through all the votes and weeded out all the fakes/multiple accounts as best as could. This is the FINAL result.

Thank you to everyone that participated