What do you want to obtain from the game?


Second is a lot of players say that valiant sniper is the strongest energy weapon,did anyone agree?

  • Yes
  • No( please tell me which energy weapon is the strongest)

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even with the maximum protector hits almost 300, and the one that leads 2 already screws anyone is a distant shell bunker


Today,let talk about Raid.A lot of players think this raid it is really not fair for us!Here is cheater who use cheat engine to play it!:triumph:

So do we need to improve Raid?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also I see a lot of players is full mark,it is hard to know who is winner in this week raid

So can someone give any suggestion to supermech term?


I think that eh leaderboard should stay organized by position, but that if 3 people get the same score their place numbers are all the same, as is their rewards.


The blackman (cheater) acuses people for cheating.

:clap: :clap:


Fyi ,cheat engine doesnt work , it kicks you out the mission if you use it


First the for,no weapons can make they shut down or beat them for perfectly in tier 4-6,if they not use cheat engine,they use what?


If you not a cheater,it is impossible to always get a full marks in raid! Noob.
And please when you type the answer,think it carefully to send it to forum when you answer it!:stuck_out_tongue:


Glitching / Editing strings is way far from hacking.

You should be careful , exploiters not welcome , except kig.


so that means you tried it…which means you cheat…


Someone else could tried it tho


So I think shall we set the time bonus(who is first one to finish for each tier,then they can get more point)?So that we can know who is winner easily!
The question is do you guys agree for my suggestion?

  • Yes
  • No

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What’s up with all the questions and the polls?
Do you think you’re some kind of…judge?


No really,I don’t think so,I just want to know other players opinion!


If don’t someone don’t agree for this suggestion,please give me your other suggestion,I want raid to be fairly!


Just wanting to point out…It’s the first day XD (pretty easy raid) If I wanted to, I could have a perfect mark with my half-legendary half-myth mech without problem on that mission ^^ You could accuse someone to cheat with a screenshot the last day of the Raids or the one just before, at limit ^^


Do you guys like this news?

  • Yes
  • No

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lets face it that idea will go straight to hell