What happend to German chat?


Wtf is this?German chat become a rp chat? Why?


German chat has from as long as I can recall always been the RP chat. So I’d avoid it as best you can.


I though it was a peace channel not a sheet full of rp’s


Nope, it’s just a weird cringy, awkward, shit show of virgins having “fun” with each other.


Oh well no German’s on chat i guess R.I.P


German chat is Role Play.
Spanish chat is ''Buenas dias,por favore tell me what to upgrade next"
English chat is pretty much “Let’s exchange accounts”,“Join my clan”,“I’m a loser but I wanna 1v1 you,full mythical dude”.
Top ranks chat is more normal,but still not fully normal…


Top ranks chat is drama at certain times of the day. Lmao




yes.however since the new release i am to low rank to be in there, but before top rank’s chat was the place for jezu to whine…:rofl:

perhaps still it is…:rofl:


Been like that for ages , ignore them or your braincells will melt and evaporate one by one every second you stay in it


U kidding?My brain cells won’t be deafeted by those rp’s…Lol i’ve never been rp and never again.


It’s odd at best. I normally pop in take a dump in my hand and throw it at all of them and leave. I tried to understand it but it caused me an existential crisis . Some things just don’t need to be understood , experienced , or acknowledged. Let them play and just stay out other than to toss a hot Carl or Cleveland steamer at them.


Sad, since German chat is more alive than english :frowning:


This is a perfect reason to stick to clan chat, if you ask me! Or the forums. Definitely better :smile: