What happened to Rising?


Someone do tell me if this is a joke. Like he doesn’t just dropped off the top ten and never has more than 2 loses max.

I’m not fanning over this, just wondering why the top player is suddenly posting a massive loss streak.


i think that only him to know about this…
or maybe others know too


I understand that the real Rising died, and now the account is used by his son


Yeah, that was known information.

But his son did amazing at keeping his fathers account as the top tier player. Guess his mech suffers now because of people maxing out their energies.


It’s a tactic, really, that I don´t think has occurred to him.

Let’s wait for the last day of the tournament and if I’m right, I’ll explain you.


Wepsy and her conspiracy theories :exclamation:



It is not a conspiracy at all. It´s an old strategy. HTK has players with very good accounts that they use as scarecrows.

You have the Happy Poppers case. Poppers usually don´t play, if dont have scarecrows connected.

Saving the differences, it’s the same as Shiro did. They kept low and went to lower rankings on the last day with their super accounts. Then, nobody played and Shiro went up.


So you’re saying, he dropped low purposely just so when there’s basically no one playing he can rank up a metric ass ton for the end of this league?

Sounds like smurfing although that’s usually done at the start of a new league, not nearing the end of one. Hmmm


You are totally wrong, but I let you think whatever you want … :wink::exclamation:


If you’re only here to be negative to her opinion. I respectfully ask that you leave and do not come back unless you have an idea of your own as to why a top tier player would suddenly drop his rank.

Don’t take this wrongly.



1st I am not negative to her opinion, I told her that her thoughts are wrong AND as we all know her she has a lot of such conspiracy theories with wrong thoughts. Thats her, not my fault.


2nd I never leave and you are sure not the one who can tell me that, I leave and come whenever I want


3rd the player others talk about here, I know very good AND he is my Clan friend and in our Clan. So I know exactly why and how he is doing what he do :exclamation:

that leads to 4th …

4th because of that, I can tell Wespy that she is totally wrong about her thought



He does not do it for him, he does it for the clan. If there is a good acc connected and playing in position 1 or 2, you take a risk, because if you lose, you don´t lose much.

But if that good account is connected down, you don´t play, because if it catch you and u lose, you go down a lot. In that way, the weakest members of clan can play calmly

But sometimes it fails. Because as I say, being in 4 or 100 is the same, has no reward. So dead x dead, the same you take the risk.



And :question:



This pretty much explains it, I checked just now on my side, and he’s not a red skull on the main board. Only in clan. So I assume what I saw before was just the board not updating like it usually does.

It’s still updating, so I assume his real rank will show soon. Although I’m still taking into account what Wep said. It’s not often I’ve noticed Rising drop so far so quickly.

Also Best, read the information. Pretty much explains itself. Thanks lannister!


It’s just a guess. Wait until Friday.


Well if that’s the case then I don’t blame O_O , he’s not really doing anything wrong. He’s allowed to let himself lose as much as he wants. If anything, the ranking system is to blame, not the player.


Right! If that is the case, it´s a strategy.


Oh, don’t worry. I’m not blaming him nor judging him for doing so. I was just curious, had assumed he was actually having a bad PVP day.

Would’ve been a first imo, since he’s always been top. But yeah, ranking system definitely needs a major rework.


Which and where should be that “information” you are talking about :question:

And Lannister showed 2 screenshots, I see nothing wrong about, I can show you right now (but I will sure not take the time for) screenshots from around 10 Reign members and 10 Llyl members with a lot more losses, so I really do not understand what you are talking about.

Only because it is O_O (2nd most Single Gold medals), he is not allowed to lose sometimes :question:

Thats pretty funny, I myself have sometimes 3 or 4 losses in a row, I saw ElMetre with 5 - 6 losses in a row, Wepsy also, etc. :exclamation:

So pretty strange this discussion :exclamation: