✱ What Is Battle Dawn ? I'm From Supermechs ✱

Idk. I’ve been playing for about 10 years, i think. Idk. Its been awhile. But they are so much better than me and actually know how to play. Im somewhat of an imbecile.

Is there like a base that you raid or make troops in battledawn ?

You can make troops in your colony if you have the structures, or make troops in your training camp. You use the troops to conquer other players, take their network, kill their armies. There is a gate structure that after you build it, you can teleport your troops from one outpost/colony that has a radar to another.

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This will depend on what kind of player you are!

BD requires activity and u can boost like SM in BD too.

I started playing BD in 2008 and I start understanding in 2-3 yrs
In SM u don’t need alliance but in BD its main think to win.
If u got friends u won without playing it![quote=“Kaen, post:18, topic:7556”]

There was a player called “Energy” in BD he used to play with us but he start backstabbing and ass licking and become Best of all times player of BD and he holds that record for 3 yrs.

Well I am not making person attacks here

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EnergY is one of my closest friends, so i would prefer it if you didn’t talk mad shit about him on the forum or anywhere else. He’s been loyal to me for as long as I’ve known him.

oi energy is mad don’t disrespect wtf

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I’m over here having, no clue what energy is :stuck_out_tongue:

EnergY is the name of a player

Man if he is your closest friend than its great.

No shit about him. What I said in that post is real stuff it happened in front of me on E3 … He stabbed his team than he stabbed PLO and then he was planning to stab ICEMAN if things don’t go as he plan.

Maybe he played loyal to you but as far I know he is shit
And u consider him as your closest friend but technically he is internet friend. Get real and legit friends!

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real and legit friends are overrated


When u become part of Energy crew? :joy:

When I stopped playing BD

When I never started playing BD for real, cos my “helper” @Malicewolf destroyed all from me twice :exclamation:


Considering I haven’t played in like… a year, I don’t know how I did this? Unless it was from back then, then yea, may have been. Anything near me not allied is usually dead. I’m very thorough

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Yes, it was back then, I hoped for help from you :exclamation:
Went totally wrong :grey_exclamation:


But I wasn’t angry about, cos you did a great job in forum back then :exclamation:
(that does NOT mean that you do not now :wink: )

I hope, I put the words correct.


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Did you directly ask me for help? I usually don’t turn requests down.