What’s with all the Platinum Plates?


don’t ever tell this to ElMetre.



Lol, why not? What’s the story there?


I’ve spent too before, not so much, but never got single hp module. I don’t know whats wrong with the random system of tacticsoft but I’m really disappointed, I prefer to go to the casinò and spend money there


Lol, I wanted to go casino, but said rather spend the money on SM. It was just as thrilling opening them boxes, and at least I got a few jackpots.


Chance to win to the casinò are higher than chances for getting that fkin module


Maybe I should have gone casino on that lucky high? …hmmm


It is not so random as declared.

He purposefully in the framework of the research spent a several more. Got a zero.


I just have no words


It happens … some say … that some accounts have blocks for certain items.

Others say that there is a bug that prevents certain players from obtaining platinum plates …

The truth is that there are players who have invested a lot of money since the beginning of update and have not obtained any.

Finally, I was able to get 2, after 6 months. Apparently they fixed me something. But there are people who keep buying boxes and nothing.

This motivates some players to want leave the game, because now, without these platinum plates you are not competitive.


I’ll leave soon if I got bored of this non fixed situation. I hate with all my heart the game developer that don’t care about his client (we players).


Frankly, I can hardly believe that TS has purposely made a block for certain accounts … but it´s obvious that there are some bug.

A few days ago we were discussing with a friend, that the same thing happens to both of us. We’ve got hundreds of legendary specials, but we never got a bunker shell and that’s weird …

My suggestion is that everyone in this situation send a PM to Sarah. Let’s see if together we can make an effort to fix this.


Please don’t enter the raffle