Which should be upgraded to myth first?

Here is a list of the legendaries I have:

Currently equipped:

  • Sith torso
  • Dynamic stompers
  • 2 malice beams
  • Last words
  • Grim cobra

The rest:

  • Grim Reaper
  • Lightning Supporters
  • Ultrabright
  • Hysteria

I’m planning on getting another legendary, but for now, this is all I got. Which one should I boost to mythical?

Generally you’d want to boost core first, but Sith is weak compared to some of the other mythical cores.

I’d recommend either upgrading another good core from epic -> mythical, or upgrading the piece of equipment you’re most sure will be on your final version of your mech.

you should upgrade the torso first but i recommend you to use an other torso than sith like grim reaper
then last words and ultrablight or malice beams
after that hysteria and at last the legs

Toxicdoll’s opinion was before the nerf.

Higher health is more important to me. Thanks though.

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