Why insult in battle?


Because people insult me ​​… if I’m very friendly :sweat:


Just report him to Sarah.


There is a mute button. I always use it when fighting toxic guys,it helps.
The more you fight the more you get around these individuals, and next time you meet them tou can insta mute them… and continue enjoying the game.


sorry but when was this game ever enjoyable?

Its honestly just really addicting.


It actualy is… was very adictive in the last version… players were punching in 500-1500 matchs/week.
Now is like 200ish… and only when you want to.
That is the diference… from adiction…to fun.
It is more in line with other pocket games… free for a smoke…do some campaign, some PvP…no mote glueing in front of screen adiction.


It was enjoyable 5 years ago man.


Dw man that’s what loosers always do!


the funny thing is that it’s not hard or turn 10 xD


Just mute that scum.


Well, it also happens to me… :frowning:


People tend to really hate heat mechs since the right from beginning of the game until today


hey the game is for +13 years so you can expect this kind of behavior from most of the people


everybody lies on that part ‘‘i am 13’’


es cierto que a nadie le gusta recibir insultos …deverian banearlos para hacer pvp


I cant see the point, I just say Good Morning or something. Lately chat for me hasnt been working…


hi im frendly also some people just are mean so dont talk to them


They are the most difficult to build and the best of the game so the chances of winning are 84%


I am also kind and good person hello!


I think the same but it would be fun if for each insult of the opponent they took away 20,000 gold so that they do not insult


Times change and we have to change too