Why there are no legendaries?


seriously … they do not give me legendary, they take away my daily recompense of legendary, there is no lucky box … where they want to get them out I hate to spend more than 750 tokens and they do not give me anything, that’s more than frustrating, (what they’ll say) Ts: increase the free tokens so it would not be fair that the rate is the same, so we lower even more the rate that may not exist and is an algorithm that decides to give the player, but do not worry about epic you can make a good mech. …OK and as I do with the physical with 1900 hp, launches orb, mercy or the energy with sniper and windforge would not be fair that I can also have weird things … I let them massacre me … hello because they do not answer me , because maybe only the game hates me.


m wrong is a disgust for things like this makes me want to leave the game, so I love more the previous version the photo is just taken more than 1000 tokens in the trash thanks to tactisoft you know how to ruin my savings, why save tokens. …


You ask the questions and you yourself have the answers … keep in mind that it´s a game of chance.


i got 10 epics :slight_smile:


Sm is half-ruined.
I wanted to exit 6 times.
But someone says that I can have legendary today.
And… nothing.
As always.


they did not solve my mistake, they took away the legendary reward and I lacked little for the last box t.t). I regret creating this theme.
I wanted them to tell me what the reward said, but they took it from me


Just got “Desert Snake” thesedays…