You probably never get to see the 3rd. this player's mech

First of all, I want to clarify that this is not an accusation against the player or against the clan to which he belongs. I believe that if we had the opportunity to possess all these elements, none of us would hesitate to use them.

What I want to show, is just one of the great imbalances in this game, mythical HP plates. If you can place 3 or 4 of these on your mech and play 3x3, probably no one will ever see your third.

Is this fair? Each draw their own conclusions. These HP plates are very difficult to obtain, I have not obtained any in 4 months. Anyway, I consider myself a buyer of average. But beyond that, the mythical plates of HP are undoubtedly a highly unbalancing ítem in game.

It would be interesting that, developers did a review of this item and allow at least, that epic plates could be taken to legendary. At least, for many, the game would be more interesting and competitive.


In my opinion the HP modules should not only go up to legendary but to mythical, it’s not like players will instantly get them to mythical anyways since you need a lot of fusion to get the items up the levels. Same with Savoir Resistance.


Especially with the shittier drop rates and no box runs, hell getting to lvl40 would be a challenge for most. So definitely make them go to myth (don’t get why they don’t already).


They can add anoter epic-myth HP plate, ofc not a Common - myth one! Just like other Heat engines and energy engines and boosters, why not HP PLATE!!?

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The solutions could be many. But it´s one of modifications that we have claimed since the beginning of this update.

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We have our answer though


Well, they should do it, because imbalance of some OP items is (among other reasons), which makes you ask for a battle and are 15 min. waiting. People (I include myself), take care of these players so OP, and don´t play when they are connected. Unless it’s which of those days that you wake up with full self-esteem …

Siempre he dicho eso, la competitividad es nula al tratarse de placas míticas, un zarkares energy con 1 cooling heat un heat engine 4 míticas de vida 2 módulos energía 134, revienta cualquier físico o heat, si logras optimizar el peso con escudo triple, peor tantito XD!

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Well i can tell you his builds from what i saw… only the 2 mechs… since no1 could see his 3rd, only as a pic, and i am guessing it is pretty much the same as the first.
So here are his builds( only the module layout since the wepons are seen) :
1st : 4 myth hp plates, 1 myth heat engine, 1 myth cooling module, 2 myth energy. Total hp 2809.
2nd : 2 myth hp plates, 2 myth heat engine, 2 myth energy engine, 1 myth protector, 1 myth cooling engine. Total hp 2057.
And if my estimates are right his 3rd should be the same with 1st.
3rd: 4 myth hp plates, 2 myth heat engine, 2 myth energy engine, 1 myth cooling module. Total hp 2809.
If i am right about his 3rd… that totals to a 10 myth hp plates, and 1 myth protector.
I would say he has more myth hp plates then the whole Reign and LLYL toghether( keep in mind Fluxeon has 3 and Algeriano has 3 also).
Talking about unbalance… it would take 2 top players with 3 mechs each to down him.
This clasifies as a new type of player… the MEGAMechs…a league of his own.


Idk though to be honest, IF they make a epic -myth plate then those who spent money for them would become fools. . Maybe another version with 100 HP less

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I have said it many times so I will say it again:

HP Plates should have just been Common-Mythical.


I’m not sure it can be done now, too late

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This is ludicrous - because I know a player who spent 400 chasing an overpowered cooling module in the weeks leading up to a major update that made everything owned up to that point and thousands of dollars spent, completely worthless. I personally spent I think 100$ that month and had finally finished fusing all my gear to +15 to have it all rendered worthless aside from a few legacy pieces of gear (ie. level 1 teleport).

We’re all fools.


LastOftheWilds a great player :exclamation:

Also thanks to him for supporting SuperMechs so great :exclamation:



I think it’s never too late to fix things !! The worst management is the one that is not done, and for that SM developers work.

Here we have not talked about wrecking the mythical plates of HP, but to improve the epics or, the possibility of creating “something” that gives us the possibility to be competitive. oh! How fun the game would be then!

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There you go.

Now back on the topic.
There is no competition between a player that packs 3-4 of these bad boys(hp myth plates), and a player with none.
There is no middle ground for them to meet and play equaly… except maybe in a GOAT tourny.
The power gap is huge. This guys that Wep used as an example show just how big it is. I can bet nice money that not even in a 6v3 match anyone can beat him, without hp myth plates.
Let’s just trust figures for a second.
10 myth plates give an advantage of more then 1700hp in total over epic plates. My friends that is close to 600 more hp on average pe mech.
I actualy belive he has another 2, and could build a 2nd mech just like the 1st and the 3rd. That would bring the total advantage of hp at 2040… that is a whole new mech.
I have made some math and… well he could beat a standars phis build with 2000ish hp ,2 anihilations and night eagle only using stomp, with his first mech. That says to me… unbalance… big umbalance.
There should be a middle ground, and like Wep said, maybe make epic plates go to legendary, around 200hp for them. But that would move the overall hp higher… and the wepon dmg would be left behind.
It is hard to balance these things, and it is not that easy just to increase the hp of the epic plates,but it would be a step in the right direction.

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new year 2018 … and the same users complaining about everything and everything that does not favor them. because if they favored them they would not say anything, on the contrary they would say that they have invested a lot of money to obtain them.

They only complain about what they do not have.

for this they use an example of their rival clan.

this year 2018 they continue complaining more than a truck of pigs

ahhh and this goes for the "nano rambo " , lastofthewild is such a good player that seems hacker, over time we realized that he is a player who invests a lot of money and is also good at creating new mechs and other additional values.

in this post have been raised 2 ideas to highlight very good

1.- Allow epic plates to become legendary

2.- the life plates are obtained in lower levels as common items

but definitely the best proposal is option 1, since it maintains the line of development of the game, that is, you must invest more to improve items, I think that is the right solution.

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I think the best thing to do is that the modules of “common” life can not only be improved on mythic! if not also can be improved to legendary and mythic the same thing I say about the triple protector also the same I say with the module of heat capsule unit and its against part energy type is the best they can do because as always to people who are very lucky in obtaining armamente and modules for their mech and others that fight with the best that they have and those that always come out victorious are the mastercardianos … those that buy tokens and money to obtain everything easier because a modules of legendary hp may come out every 50 legendary or more falls so the best thing you can do is either one or two implement that the modules of life and modules heat capsule unit and its counterpart can be improved to mitico or that is easier to obtain them is my point of view It would be a good idea because not all of us get legendary life modules that you do not see every day and more if someone has 4 mitic modules of life

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It is actually really retarted how can a bank account and a few private jets can push you in a game.

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That’s completely unfair. How much money did he spent? He has sold his soul?